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We are developing a recruitment tool that improves Travel RN's well-being and productivity creating higher retention for their recruitment companies. This is a free benefit for the Travel RNs and a huge retention boost for staffing agencies, recruiters, and hospitals. 

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How it works?

Here are the four easy steps:

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1. Using the recruitment tool you'll be able to hire new talent on the spot for your next contarct!

2. We’ll organize online events to guide your employees through the defined travel program, to ensure they feel prepared and welcome to take the first step into traveling with us.

3. Employees create profiles, choose their destination and start booking.

4. Fascilitation: through deep reaserch and carefully curated program our trained mentors will make sure your travel employees are happy, motivated, and more eficient at work. 

We are the solution to a successful business and happy employees

Acknowledging that over 60% of travel medical personnel have experienced loneliness and burnout during their careers, the primary contributing factor appears to be a breakdown in communication between these professionals and the hospitals or recruiters who engaged their services. This lack of communication not only results in diminished work efficiency but also prompts some to prematurely terminate their contracts, risking blacklisting and potential legal action over payment disputes.

The Workplace Is Changing

At Roamea, we proactively address these challenges before they escalate. Serving as the intermediary between recruiters and travel personnel, we offer comprehensive support. Our role begins after the travel nurses arrive at their new locations, ensuring their seamless integration into a well-being program. We provide avenues for communication with life coaches, assistance with housing, and facilitation of new social circles. By tracking and delivering real-time data on their well-being, we aim to boost motivation, enhance work efficiency, and foster a desire to continue working with the recruitment company on successive contracts, thereby elevating overall retention rates.