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We are developing a recruitment tool that improves Travel RN's well-being and productivity creating higher retention for their recruitment companies. This is a free benefit for the Travel RNs and a huge retention boost for staffing agencies, recruiters, and hospitals. 

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How it works?

Here are the four easy steps:

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1. Using the recruitment tool you'll be able to hire new talent on the spot for your next contarct!

2. We’ll organize online events to guide your employees through the defined travel program, to ensure they feel prepared and welcome to take the first step into traveling with us.

3. Employees create profiles, choose their destination and start booking.

4. Fascilitation: through deep reaserch and carefully curated program our trained mentors will make sure your travel employees are happy, motivated, and more eficient at work. 

We are the solution to a successful business and happy employees

Acknowledging that over 60% of travel medical personnel have experienced loneliness and burnout during their careers, the primary contributing factor appears to be a breakdown in communication between these professionals and the hospitals or recruiters who engaged their services. This lack of communication not only results in diminished work efficiency but also prompts some to prematurely terminate their contracts, risking blacklisting and potential legal action over payment disputes.

The Workplace Is Changing

At Roamea, we proactively address these challenges before they escalate. Serving as the intermediary between recruiters and travel personnel, we offer comprehensive support. Our role begins after the travel nurses arrive at their new locations, ensuring their seamless integration into a well-being program. We provide avenues for communication with life coaches, assistance with housing, and facilitation of new social circles. By tracking and delivering real-time data on their well-being, we aim to boost motivation, enhance work efficiency, and foster a desire to continue working with the recruitment company on successive contracts, thereby elevating overall retention rates.


Romea Wellness Program

Roamea is a pioneering force in the realm of healthcare solutions, specializing in the travel RNs staffing sector. With a commitment to bridging the gap between healthcare facilities and skilled nursing professionals, we facilitate seamless and strategic placements of professionals that meet the unique needs of both parties.   Our cutting-edge technology platforms streamline the recruitment process, ensuring efficiency and transparency at every step. We prioritize the well-being and professional development of our travel nurses, fostering a sense of community and support.   Roamea staffing tools provide innovative solutions that enhance patient care and empower nursing professionals on their career journeys.

Our travel program has it all covered:

Hotel Bedroom Entrance

Help With Accommodation

This is not a typical booking. We'll guide you how to find the best local deals so you don't have to stress out. Every consultation will be based on the real market and what we can find there. For every city you go to there will be options for diferent types of accommodation like in an apartment, house or hotel. You will tell us your preferences whether you like to have your own bedroom and shower. A monthly local meeting will help you get introduced to our small circle of locals. 

Female Patient

Someone to talk to about any job frustrations

This is where we can help the most. Any job frustrations, doubts, or loneliness issues the Travel RNs experience we will be there to listen and try to provide solutions. Anything from workplace challenges, social circles, motivation orientation, or learning new skills, we will be there to guide you, follow up, and make sure the travel medical personnel are getting the care they need while providing the care to their patients. 

Outside Dinner

Secial Network 

While traveling to new places socializing with people could be hard. After you get hired by Roamea recruitment contract you get introduced to our social circle that will be there for you. Anything from skills to learn, interests to share, events to go to or places to visit will be just one tap away! We will have 24/7 support for you to consult with someone or join a group of likeminded individuals in your area to hang out with outside of work. 


Local Guides and learning new skills

We know that sometimes traveling on our own can be challenging and even sometimes we fear the unknown. How about if you have your best friend everywhere you go? In the Roamea program, you will have someone to walk you through the city, introduce you to a community of like-minded people who will tell you about local gigs, and help you with any troubles you may deal with while you are there. These people will be your local hosts. They speak fluent English and their mission is to make you feel like you know the city. Some of them are local guides that can hook you up with the best tour deals, concert tickets, or local events that otherwise you wouldn't know of.  This will make you feel much safer, understand new cultures much better, and make new friends on the way!

Image by Yvette de Wit

Tickets for Events

Our Roamea program includes four tickets to events, concerts, theatre shows, or any other local activity that you would like to attend, we got you covered! This will help you meet other people from our community, make new friends, and have a great time. The event tickets can be bought all at once for events that you like to go to or decide on them after you arrive there. They can be in the same week or every week a different event! It's all up to you to decide how you want to use them.

Yoga Retreat

Wellness program

At least once a week there will be wellness programs organized for the community. These programs will help Travel RNs relax, be more ficused and feel better in their body. Have clear mind and be able to perform better at work. 

Nice Nurse

How To Start Your Next Adventure with Roamea?

Explore a World of Endless Travel Possibilities!

Roamea is designed for people working remotely. To join this program you need to be:​


1. Travel RN,

2. Travel Therapist, 

3. HIPAA IT Security Specialist,

4. Travel PM,

5. Healthcare Consultant,

6. Travel Surgeon,

7. Hospitalist,

8. Medical Company Owner 


The Most Exciting Destinations of 2022

July 21, 2022

There are many destinations to explore in this world. We made a network of several cities around the world that provide special experiences to anyone that visits them. We partnered up with locals to provide the best introduction so that when you go to a new destination you'll feel like you have a friend waiting to show you around!

Here are signs you need this program in our life: 

1. Are you working from home and feeling overwhelmed? 

2. Do you suffer from stress and anxiety?

3. Always wanted to travel but never had the time? 

Many employees working remotely start to get burnout. This will prevent future demotivation at work and boosts work efficiency in a company by 30%.   

Our MoMo (Month to Month) travel program gives you the flexibility to work and travel from anywhere and have everything set up. It's one click for the full travel package. 
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Traveling Girl

How is Roamea Changing the World?

August 2nd, 2023

What makes us different than other travel agencies is we believe in human connection and that travel is the biggest education throughout our lives. There is a no bigger motivator, educator, mentor, or coach than Life when traveling.
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Girl on Train

Workation Packing Essentials 101: Work and Vacations Packages Included!

July 21, 2022

You can find our newest Workation Programs for remote workers, including accommodations, workspaces, events, flights, and insurance.

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